Product Data vs. Product Sales Data: Why You Need Both

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By Lou Vito, Data Specialist

Product Data is what your on-line customer uses to compare your product to your competitor's. Product Sales Data is the subset of Product Data that sells the product. It is the images, videos, features and benefits, and descriptions of your product that you provide to your on-line customer – and your Sales Team - to clinch the deal. The more deals you clinch, the higher your profits.

Your Receivers want your Product Data too, every piece that you are willing and able to give them. Your Receivers are any distributors, catalogs, stores, etc. that sell your product. They want your Product Data because it will increase their profits. Receiving rich, robust product data, from Suppliers like you, means they will have the images, videos, features and benefits, and descriptions of your product at the fingertips of their on-line customers and their Sales Team.

Providing Product Sales Data to any and all of your sales channels will result in more of your products sold. It will position you above your competition. Product Sales Data will increase your profits.

Where is your Product Data now? Is it all in one place and easy to access? Or is it in any number of files on network drives or individual computers in any number of departments within or even outside of your organization? Gathering, creating and storing Product Data can seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be.

Product Data Command, our software-as-a-service, is a Product Information Management (PIM) solution that allows you to gather the information you do have into one place, create information you don’t have, and manage the resulting Product Data so you can deliver the right data, the right way.

Our powerful cloud-based software tool set is the most cost-effective PIM solution the industry has to offer. Get started with your Product Information Management efforts today. At Product Data Command, we make it easy and affordable to retrieve, create, manage, and deploy product data. Call us at 215-491-2641 for a short demonstration.

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