Completing the Product Data Picture

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We’ve discussed a number of popular topics in the industry, but arguably the longest lasting trend in the aftermarket has been to deliver the right part to the customer when they need it - and quality data is vital. Quality data is the backbone to your online sales, and your data receivers should have a complete and cohesive image of the products available. From the data that moves the product through the supply chain to the data that helps make the sale, shouldn’t parts be shown with all of the information that customers need to make buying decisions?

As data is handed off numerous times through the aftermarket supply chain, the consistency and integrity of that data has become important as well. The implementation and acceptance of industry standards such as PIES – the Product Information Exchange Standard – has given those in this space more structure in unifying exchanges of data among various channel partners.

Aftermarket companies are increasingly adopting PIES because the standard offers many benefits, such as providing consistent information that helps your customers identify products, and allowing trade partners to communicate better electronically. It is useful for both warehouse and customer-facing applications as it provides packaging and general product information, but more often than not, the product information lacks depth. Most of the time, product data only describes the item being searched for but does that data really complete the full picture of the product in question?

It would seem to follow then that sales product information should become a popular topic as well, beyond the few fields that merely identify it – features and benefits, sales descriptions and pitches, high resolution images and videos, and product-specific attributes are all integral to an online sale. With statistics suggesting that companies implementing a product information management strategy are likely to increase their revenue by 15 percent, there should now be an urgency to provide a full, complete representation of the products your customers are searching for.

Product Data Command, our software-as-a-service, provides the most cost-effective product information management solution the industry has to offer. Our powerful cloud-based software tool set allows you to gather the information you do have into one place, create information you don’t have, and manage the resulting product data so you can deliver the right data, the right way.

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