What is Your Digital Strategy?

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Back in 2015, interest in online vehicle shopping was already beginning to grow and as of December that year, eBay Motors’ "Future of Automotive Shopping Survey," discovered that almost 1 in 5 consumers felt they would be “likely” to purchase their next vehicle online. Consumers are even more willing to use mobile phones and tablets to make large purchases, as well. Of all Internet users in the US, 80% of them own a smartphone, suggesting that a good amount of traffic comes from mobile. Although desktop is still the Internet, we cannot deny the need for a digital strategy that suits your customer.

Sree Menon, general manager of eBay Motors said that, “People have expectations that buying a vehicle or an auto part is going to be very much like buying shoes online. They expect free shipping, returns, warranty, and all of those other elements.”

And with the democratization of the web, why shouldn’t they? Today, you can buy almost anything on the Internet. Granted, sales of vehicles and auto parts online has been behind the ball, but why can’t it be like buying shoes online? Shouldn’t we meet the consumer where they are, in front of their screens? The capabilities exist to adapt to changing preferences in consumer shopping behavior, but we must also consider an organizational digital strategy to support and secure sales in the world of e-commerce.

It seems most popular retailers in other industries have e-commerce tactics down, having understood that content management plays a more vital role than we in the auto aftermarket industry have realized before. “In this world, data is king,” says Mark Seng, MAAP, Global Aftermarket Practice Leader, HIS Automotive. “Information on the supply chain, up-to-date pricing, discounts, pictures, and all the stuff that sells your brand.” Data is indeed king, and Product Data Command's product information management toolset can help you implement your digital strategy, where images and content work hand in hand to paint the best on-line representation of your products for your buyers.

This bring us right back to organizational digital strategy and the dire need for those in the auto aftermarket to devise and implement one. Earlier this year, Sree Menon commented that “growth in vehicle and auto parts sales online is much higher than for regular e-commerce”, leaving a space of opportunity for those in the industry to get on board. Improving and securing online sales through e-commerce starts with a solid organizational digital strategy that can transform as the industry continues to change.

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