Q: Does your product data meet the latest Automotive Aftermarket PIES/ACES standards?

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The Autocare Association's standards are geared towards moving your products through the supply chain more efficiently, and giving online buyers the facts they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) defines the format of the product data, and the valid values and rules for managing product information, product images and product attributes. With ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard), defines the format where you can specify which year, make, model – and myriad configurations – of automobile your product will work with.

But don't just take our word for it.

Hear what leaders in our industry are saying about the Auto Care Association Standards:

"I see the entire supply chain becoming more efficient through the effective use of data. The availability of this data is obviously critical to our success.Adoption of cataloging standards (ACES/PIES) and structuring adaptive databases to look up a part will be instrumental to the success of [global] markets."

Bill Hanvey, President and CEO, Auto Care Association

"PIES and ACES are well-established standards to enable improved communication between trade partners."

David P. Ortega, VP Electronic Catalog Systems, O'Reilly Auto Parts

"The PIES and ACES standards help manufacturers get out consistent information that everyone in the whole channel can use, and saves everyone time and money."

Brooks Cochrum, Director of Data Management, National Pronto Assoc.

"Electronic product information is essential to conducting business. The information you provide is just as important as the products themselves. Rich content in compliance with best industry practices can lift your sales and reduce returns. Neglecting your catalog and product information can cost valuable sales and waste precious resources. Data synchronization with channel partners using industry standards such as ACES and PIES, yields increased sales, shorter new product introduction cycles, and lower operating costs."

Taylor Mitchell, Technology Standards Committee Liaison, Auto Care Association

"When you are selling with on-line catalogs, there is no longer an alternative to provisioning product data other than the Auto Care Association's Standards. Manufacturers can concisely communicate physical and performance characteristics of products sold everywhere, online and in retail stores. If you are a manufacturer and not using the standards, you’ve left an opening for the competition to seize an advantage.”

 Doug Wiggin, Director eCommerce Solutions, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance

"The quality and completeness of the digital information that manufacturers distribute about their products is just as important as the quality of the products, themselves. Without rich, accurate product content to tell the story of your brand and differentiate yours from similar products, price is Boss. This is a disservice to your brand and your customers."

Scott Luckett, VP, Gcommerce Inc. Aftermarket Business World correspondent

See Mr. Luckett talk about standards and quality data here:  http://bit.ly/2oYYofa

We are experts on Product Information Management using PIES and ACES standardized formats. We help our Subscribers become not only PIES and ACES compliant, but achieve the richest product data possible.

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