We provide the option of selecting a combination of business and operational models to suit client’s business needs with cost-effective solutions and to enhance their return on investment.

This is a value oriented company which helps customers for streamlining their business. We do so by strategizing your business operations with our solutions and services.

Customer satisfaction is our primary intention. We are always working towards providing solutions, delivered with reliability, timeliness, and value.

Web site: http://www.vcsoft.com


Future Point of View is a technology strategy firm, headquartered in Oklahoma City with other locations in Houston and Philadelphia. Our focus is teaching technology to non-tech leaders. Our team of thought leaders, led by international technology speaker Scott Klososky, provides clients with vision you can use. From understanding pivotal technology concepts and trends to social culture, technology adaption and processes, FPOV helps you have the ability to accurately apply technology tools and concepts with a more velocity than your competition.

Our approach is to deliver improved strategies, coach you on new processes and systems, and educate your people across the full spectrum of business technology applications. We create momentum with Technology Mastery among your top leaders.

Accountability is another prime area of focus for FPOV. This means plenty of follow-up and educational opportunities while working with your leaders to improve strategic thinking around how technology can improve business processes. We break technology down into two categories: digital plumbing (your infrastructure, software, and hardware) and digital marketing (your scope of outreach for finding new customers and build tighter relationships with existing ones). When each of these core areas is improved and embraced across the organization, you wil naturally drive more revenue and lower costs. With consulting, assessments, and a full suite of workshop tracks in our Technology Mastery Institute, FPOV provides high-impact, actionable results.

Web site: http://fpov.com

DATAgility will help you drive significant sales growth, build brand loyalty and increase profits, by unlocking the power of your product data. If your company has staff dedicated to correcting purchase orders, resolving price differences, adjusting invoices - poor quality product data is likely the culprit.

If the information you are sharing on your website is not being easily conveyed to your trading partner websites and B2B systems, you are losing critical sales opportunities. Don’t let the costs of poor quality and unsynchronized product data continue. DATAgility has a full suite of data management services to help you leverage your product data as a powerful asset.

Web site: http://www.datagility.com