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Product Data Command (PDC) provides a comprehensive set of structured content solutions for both manufacturers and distributors. Using a combination of proven business processes, technology and domain expertise, we deliver robust product data that allows our customers to better service their customers.

Services include creation, categorization, cleansing, as well as data enrichment with one common objective in mind – to deliver the value you expect and need to produce more unassisted sales.

PDC creates a structured, comprehensive, consistently-updated database of your products. It works in multiple industry standard data formats – fitting your existing and new e-commerce applications.


We provide the most extensive structured data available so applications can easily perform parametric searches of your products to get consistent, accurate, up-to-date facts.

We intelligently analyze product data and create easy-to-use summaries of key facts. For example, we’ll give your customers a summary of important products and marketing information – so they can make intelligent purchasing decisions quickly and confidently.

We use an automated process to capture and attach high-quality images to your on-line product data files. Your customers can view your products with the click of a mouse.

It’s simple

Typical e-commerce solutions only tell your customers what products you have. The PDC solution explains to your customers what your products do and why to buy them. So they can make intelligent purchasing decisions without your help – and you’ll get results you can track.

PDC maximizes the effectiveness of your e-commerce system and gives you several bottom-line advantages such as increased revenue and decreased costs.

Please review the services we provide below or call us today to find out more about PDC, the smart solution for effective e-commerce.