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Online, your product must sell itself. Providing standardized data on your products to your distributors, program groups and online retailers (Receivers) gives the online buyer the information he needs to understand why he should purchase your product, and not your competitor's product.

Our powerful software tool set manages your product information to deliver the right data, the right way. Our inexpensive collective service offering for our Supplier subscribers allows you, with our help, to meet the mandates of your Receivers.

We focus on product data that will:

  • Move your products through the supply chain more efficiently (such as brand name, part number, packaging information)
  • Sell more of your products online (such as physical and performance characteristics, and digital assets like photos or videos)


Let us show you how it works. Call or email Scott Reuter for a brief presentation. Once you see how our product data management solution works, you will agree that it is an incredible offer, and a great value.

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