Product Data and Process Analysis

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Are you just starting or trying to get your arms around product information management issues? Product Data Command (PDC) provides consulting services to help you determine your “current data state” and make recommendations on how to get your data where it needs to be. Our senior business analyst(s) will conduct an in-depth review of your present business processes and how you are currently managing your product data. We will identify all product data touch points and determine how well your current processes are working or, more importantly, not working.

At the conclusion of our study we provide your organization with a detailed list of recommendations and best practice processes so you can streamline and improve the way you manage your product data making it a valuable corporate asset.

Areas we address include:


This is an inexpensive engagement that provides valuable insight as to where your product data is today and what steps can be taken to improve its current state. At the conclusion of the engagement you are presented with a detailed report identifying areas of weakness and how, by incorporating best practice processes, you can streamline the way you manage your product data today.